Monday, April 24, 2006


A Great Way To...

...spend a Sunday in Annapolis (which I did).

And Order was restored with the Johnnies
reclaiming their rightful possession of the Annapolis Cup!

coverage here.

Oh, one word about the Johnnies decision to wear bright red shirts emblazoned with a hammer-and-sickle and "SJCCCP." It wasn't just a combination of the phrase "St. John's College Croquet Club Party" with communinist-leaning sensibilities, as the article suggests by quoting an Academy plebe ("Maybe the reason why their shirts have sickle and hammers is because they're a little bit to the left, and we're a little bit to the right.")

The Johnny attire was a pointed rejoinder to the Naval Academy's "USA! USA!! USA!!!" victory whoop after last year's stunning upset.

I asked another Midshipman about that and he said, "We do that every time we win, regardless of the opponent." I asked, what about when they play one of the other military academies. He said, "We just yell, 'You voted for Kerry!' You voted for Kerry!'"

And there you have it.

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