Friday, May 05, 2006


Going, Going, Gone...Goss!

So, the CIA director steps down.

So, does it have to do with:

A. Ongoing war between CIA and administration that most recently manifested itself in the firing of an agent for allegedly leaking classified information?

Duke Cunningham's hookers.

C. Both.

D. None Of the Above.


UPDATE: Josh Marshall gives a quick summary of the Cunningham-CIA links.

UPDATE II: Laura Rozen adds some behind-the-scenes nuggets, including the didn't-know-he-was-going-to-be-fired-when-he-went-into-the-boss's-office scene that all employees dread. And Bill Kristol doubts the White House's/CIA's "this-had-nothing-to-do-with-Cunningham" line.

UPDATE III: On the other hand, veteran reader ERA points out, "Isn't is curious that Goss would resign the same day that Tony Blair shakes up his diplomat crew?" that is interesting? So, again, which is it -- hookers or internal intel battles? ERA: responds: "If Goss's replacement is a Bush-outsider, then I'm guessing the prostitute story is the reason [he quit]. If Goss's replacement is a Bush insider, I'm betting on the need to keep a lid on secrets regarding Iraq. If Bush can no longer trust Blair to keep the lid down, he will need to put his own personal plumber on top of the agency."

Hmm...should be a fun weekend!

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