Tuesday, May 23, 2006


If Greater Love Hath No Man...

...than to lay down his life for his country....

Then what kind of love did First Lady Martha Logan have to, uh, lay down and do that in order to
get her sleazy POTUS husband to 'fess up???

What an ending. What a season! (Though the Chinese can somehow grab Jack, beat him up AND get him on the tanker bound for who-knows-where in, um, six minutes!?!?!?!?! Right. But, hey, suspending the sense of time is one of the things that make 24 such a ridiculous guilty pleasure.)

UPDATE: Technical question: Does the Constitution give the Attorney General the power just to order U.S. Marshalls to take a sitting president into custody? I thought the whole idea behind impeachment was that a president has to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE -- i.e. have the trappings and power of the office taken away -- before he can actually be formally charged with lawbreaking?

Any ideas?

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