Monday, May 15, 2006


Sure, Add Me To This Bandwagon

Of course, it could/can/will beGore in '08.

His SNL opener was VERY funny (as was the later, "Weekend Update" cameo, for that matter). It was as if the writers were inspired by having a real politician on that they felt they could pull out all the stops in crafting a really amusing satirical presidential "address."

Darrell Hammond should be nervous. Sorry, bud, but Al Gore actually does a better Al Gore impression than the esteemed Mr. Hammond! And, of course, this appearance invites more comparisons to a certain
someone else's humorous appearance in the midst of a political comeback after losing a controversial election eight years before.

Oh, by the way, you sort-of-read-it-here-first, the "don't-call-it-a-comeback/Gore's-been-here-for-years"

UPDATE: Gore video can now be seen here (until NBC's lawyers manage to pull it).

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