Thursday, June 22, 2006


Ghana Daddy Gone

Oh, well, despite the much greater domestic interest this time around, the great U.S. World Cup fantasy comes up short.

Ghana quite deservedly moves into the round of 16. In addition to their victory over the U.S., they shut out the same Czech team that beat the Americans 3-0.

It looks to be another long four years for the United States as we try to prove we belong with the world's best.

For what it's worth, House Republicans might want to rethink their restrictions on immigration. Instead of trying to keep Mexicans out, maybe if we just annexed Mexico, we might do much better four years from now in the next World Cup!

UPDATE: The Washington Post's global affairs blog has a discussion today about FIFA (the group that runs the World Cup) and if it is a better organizational paradigm for global affairs than the United Nations. Well, almost anything would be better than the United Nations. However, given the officiating in the games involving the United States (though that didn't necessarily cost them games, I remain skeptical about the sanctity of FIFA.

UPDATE II: Meanwhile, regular reader/e-mailer ERA sends in this question with an attached press release:

"Will Ghanan-born Freddy Adu play for the USA in 2010? Is he the "great hope" for US Soccer?"

Soccer Superstar, Freddy Adu, Signs on With Milk

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/21/06 -- Freddy Adu began his soccer career at 13, the youngest international soccer player in U.S. history. As one of America's brightest young athletes, Freddy knows the nutrients in milk help him score big on game day. He is the newest face of the "got milk"®/Milk Mustache campaign, joining the ranks of Andy Roddick, Donovan McNabb and Mia Hamm. The ad copy reads, "Kick into gear. Get noticed. On and off the field. The protein in milk helps build muscle, and some studies suggest teens who choose it tend to be leaner. Staying active, eating right, and drinking 3 glasses a day of lowfat or fat free milk helps you look great. Score one for milk." The ad debuts in the July 4th issue of Sports Illustrated.
Image Available:

Hmmm...Could Freddy Adu become the, um, "great black hope"? How appropriate would that be? If the United States can't "beat 'em" -- "have 'em join us?"

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