Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Port-ly Pints & Punchlines

New York magazine followed me around recently to a couple of, ahem, liberal social events. Details can be found in this week's issue.

The reporter, Justin Rocket Silverman (yep, his real name), a staff writer for
AM New York, is a real good guy. We had some interesting conversations on the nature of political comedy. Alas, as is often the case in the writing world, much of his sterling copy (and my complete wry insights) ended up on the cutting-room floor. Glad my Bill Perkins line survived though. (An amusing follow-up to that was the young lady who turned to me and said -- I'm slightly paraphrasing -- "Could you help us with that? Please invite some of your friends to our next event!")

One thing I will add is that unfortunately the way the piece is edited, it dwells more on the more scatological comments from the Laughing Liberally show -- especially
Julie Goldman. However, what was most interesting about her act was just her explaining the wedding conversations she had with her very Jewish mother. Her bit about how "Mom" had accepted that her daughter was marrying a woman, yet still had to ask, "Yes, honey, but why do YOU have to be the groom?!?"

Very funny stuff. The mark of a good comic is to bring the audience into his/her world and get the crowd to marvel at the general absurdity of different parts of the human condition. Goldman is excellent at that. Great energy too.

Oh, most of the Drinking Liberally/Laughing Liberally folks were quite cool and welcoming to the oddball in their midst. Thanks to host/founder Justin Krebs for allowing me to imbibe -- "on the DL", so to speak. However, there was the one young lady who seemed quite aghast that a conservative was offering her a drink (from my pitcher of beer).

Some people...

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