Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Truth is B.S....

...when the B.S. is Bill Simmons.

He says everything that needs to be said about the NBA Finals (Yeah, I know, I know..."You mean, pro basketball is still being played?")...especially the atrocious nature of the NBA officiating, the ridiculous suspension of Jerry Stackhouse after Game 4 and the general better brand of basketball that the Mavericks play. Oh, and count me a Mark Cuban fan, too (though he loses points if he hires Dan Rather).

The only thing that Simmons doesn't address are two questions that have bothered me for quite some time:

1) Is Pat Riley the most annoying coach of all time (yes, including Phil Jackson)?

2) Is Shaquille O'Neal the most over-rated player of all time? One of Bill's reader's makes a great point:

That reminds me, here's an interesting question from California reader Brian Ackerman: "After watching Shaq miss more free throws, I can't help but ask: Is there another situation in sports where a seventh-grade girl can be more proficient in a key part of the sport than one of the most dominant professional players of all time? I can't make the question any more basic. There are literally hundreds of 12-year-old girls who can shoot free throws better than him. That fact alone must beg the even deeper question: Can NBA basketball really be a sport, given the above-mentioned situation?"
Exactly. How can someone so awful at a fundamental skill in a certain sport be considered one of the best ever? If he weren't 330 pounds, would he have much success even scoring?

Oh, and this doesn't even take into account the fact that he has been the second best player on whatever team he has been on for the last eight years (Kobe was the better player on the Lakers and Dwayne Wade is clearly the best player on the Heat.) And yes, I know that Shaq is the better interview and funnier guy.

Well, anyway, feel free to discuss, before, during and after tonight's game.

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