Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Wack F. Kennedy

Well, Rep. Patrick Kennedy who recently asked for no favortism because of his congressional status and to be treated like an "African American in Anacostia" (the primarily black southeast Washington, DC neighborhood).

Well, apparently this is what every African American in Anacostia who drives under the influence and crashes his car into the Capitol complex
has a right to expect from the law:

*In return for pleading guilty to DUI, reckless driving and driving without a permit charges will be dropped;

*A ten-day jail sentence will be suspended (provided he has monthly meetings with a doctor; weekly AA meetings and weekly contacts his AA sponsor, random drug screenings, and "have regular contact with a psychiatrist who will monitor his mood, use of psychotropic prescription medications, and other issues";

* Fifty hours of community service with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and giving a $250 donation to the organization;

Kennedy also must pay $100 to a court fund for victims of crime, be on probation for a year.

The judge imposed and then suspended a $300 fine.

Phew! Thank goodness!

That outrageous $300 fine (on top of the donation to the Boys & Girls Club and the victims fund) would have broken a man of Kennedy's modest means.

He's treated as if he "were an African American in Anacostia"?

N***a, please!

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