Sunday, July 30, 2006


Eliminate Scum

Warning: This post is blunt, and unapologetic.

"I have seen much war in my life and I detest it profoundly. But there are worse things than war, and they all come with defeat."-- Ernest Hemingway

This morning on Meet the Press, Thomas L. Friedman expressed a desire for the United States and Israel to talk with Syria in real tangible negotiations. He put emphasis on renewing our ability to "listen" to the Syrians.

No amount of listening will solve the situation in the Middle East. Only direct force and the absolute destruction of the "Islamafascists" will bring about any discussions of peace.

Every member of Hezbollah must be killed. Hezbollah must be held responsible for the death of every civilian.

Members of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, and those who harbor them are scum of the earth. They are a disease; a cancer. They do not deserve to live. They do not deserve our sympathy. They must be eliminated. This is how we must fight this war.

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