Friday, July 14, 2006


Just Plame Silly

Even Josh Marshall's GOP-critical spinoff site seems to have reached its limit with the media's droolfest over Valerie Plame:
"If you're gonna be here, you need to stay down," the buzzing scrum of photographers was warned as it crowded around the dais, snapping shots of Valerie approaching her seat, Valerie sitting down, Valerie looking at her husband, Valerie looking at her lawyer, Valerie looking down to her lap -- Valerie looking.

After the conference, the couple disappeared into a nearby room with their entourage. ("Down! Stay down!" the TV camerapeople in the back of the room shouted at the photographers in the front, who had sprung up to capture Valerie standing, Valerie walking, Valerie leaving.) The camerafolk and reporters -- acting on an instinct, perhaps, which has laid dormant since the Clinton years -- moved to surround the room's exit. They had been told, numerous times, that neither Valerie nor her husband would answer any questions. But the group didn't care. We need more Valerie.

Query: If you sue someone, doesn't the discovery process go both ways? Wouldn't that mean that Cheney and Co. would have every right to inquire about Plame's associates at the CIA? Ya think Langley will happily open its doors to all these lawyers asking about Plame's status...with whom she worked...the projects she worked on, etc?

Fun, fun, fun!

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