Thursday, July 06, 2006


Serious, But Not "Desperate"

In what has actually become a rather strong period for television, the Emmy nominations were announced today.

Notably, last year's category winners, "Lost" (drama) and "Desperate Housewives" (comedy), weren't even nominated this time around. That's somewhat surprising given how the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences tends recycle the same shows each year ("Will and Grace" another ten nominations in its farewell season!!?!? Hello? Not even gay people think it's cool and daring anymore!)

Anyway, in the drama category, I'm pulling for "24", only because it was the one show that I couldn't ignore all year long. However, if "House" pulled an upset, I would neither be upset nor surprised (Yada, yada, yes, they are both Fox shows...NY Post...Newscorp...blah, blah, blah).

Best Actor/Drama is a toughie: I'm torn between "24's" Kiefer Sutherland and Denis Leary from "Rescue Me" -- though Hugh Laurie should have been nominated for "House"!

Steve Carrell should probably get the Best Actor in a Comedy for "The Office," but this really shows how the networks have really done a poor job on developing sitcoms in recent years. I'm one of the few people of a certain urbane mindset, for example, who just doesn't see all the attraction for "Curb Your Enthusiasm." I've seen it a few times, laughed a little bit, but ultimately found my enthusiasm, uh, curbed.

I think what's happened is that some of the funniest writing and snappy dialogue is actually showing up in so-called "dramas." That was most obvious in "Desperate Housewives" a year ago, but it's also the case in "Boston Legal" which is often downright hilariious (especially when William Shatner is doing his overacting best), "Rescue Me" and even "House."

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