Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"Should Superheroes Have To Register With The Government?"

New York fans of Marvel Comic's "Civil War" series who are free TONIGHT, July 5th, at 8 p.m. should drop by the Lolita Bar, 266 Broome Street, where the issue will be debated.

I shall take the appropriate, freedom-loving, anti-registration position. Mr. Ken Silber will be taking the "pro-security/government-loving" position demanding registration.

Assuming that some super-villian doesn't attack the proceedings, a good time and reasonably-priced drinks will be had by all.

UPDATE: Happy to say that the debate -- sponsored by JINX magazine, I should have noted previously -- went quite well. My sparring partner, Ken Silber, was a worthy opponent. However, by the votes of those attending, yours truly carried the day. My concluding statement was, "First they came for The Hulk and I said nothing because I wasn't big, green and filled with anger management issues; then they came for the mutants and I said nothing because I wasn't a mutant; then they came for the superheroes and I said nothing because I wasn't a superhero; then they came for me..."

Truly, one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had recently! Thanks to Todd Seavey (a one-time comic book writer himself) for organizing this and every JINX debate each month!

UPDATE II: My friend Dawn Eden dropped by the debate last night. She mentions it on her great blog The Dawn Patrol. Some cool comments from some of her readers on the topic too.

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