Saturday, July 29, 2006


A Yen For Another Voice

So, I'm sitting here in the Narita Airport, just outside of Tokyo, in the middle of a three-hour layover before my three-hour flight to Shanghai (this is my "breather" after the 13-hour flight from Newark, NJ). No sightings of either Godzilla or North Korean missiles -- so I'm fairly comfortable.

Anyway, as some have noticed, there is yet another "contributor" listed to the left. Michele Mitchell will hopefully drop a post or two sometime in the next few days. She is a former CNN Headline News political analyst, a former correspondent on PBS's "Bill Moyers Now" program and, yes, a

She has a documentary on Afghanistan coming out at the end of the year. It should garner a fair bit of attention in that it puts in fairly good context some of the new levels of violence that have been occurring there.

Michele's travels in recent years have also taken her to Lebanon, so she may present some insight into what we're all seeing on the news in recent days -- and perhaps stir up a bit of controversy in the process!

Keep an eye out for Michele's posts.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled episode of "Ed McGonigal's Wild Kingdom."

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