Wednesday, August 09, 2006


House Cleaning

A look to the left side of the page and one will note a couple of changes. The New York-centric blogs are now in their own section.

Yes, it it is subjective as to what is "only" a New York blog -- as opposed to one based here, but with a more global reach. But I did my best. Suggestions and clarifications are always welcome.

There are also a couple of additions, including listing the blogs of the New York Sun, Daily News and New York Times.

My colleague Tom Elliott has finally put his obsession with Eliot Spitzer (I think it stems from that "Eliot vs. Elliott" thing) to good use and created the attorney general/gubernatorial candidate stalking Spitzer Blog II. This is your official E.S.-hatin' one-stop.

The name, of course, is to differentiate it from the pro-Spitzer Blog.

Yes, as noted below, welcome aboard, Jonathan Funke (who is not to be confused with the aforementioned Tom Elliott, AKA, "The Funky Pundit").

All these Caucasian boys that insist on bringing da funk! Who do they think they are -- Cynthia McKinney?

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Spitzer Blog II, has been taken offline.

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