Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Humor & Hillary

I did some stand-up on Monday night at the 45th Street Theatre, just east of Ninth Avenue.

For the final night of
Laughing Liberally's seven week Monday evening run, organizers put on two shows -- a regular LL show with a bi-partisan follow-up "Laughing With The Enemy."

I was one of the conservative comics, along with
Julia Gorin and Dave Rosner, performing against Katie Halper, Dean Obeidallah and Benari Poulten. Much fun was had by all! I'm happy to say that I acquitted myself quite well, considering I only do the stand-up thing once in a blue moon.

The most interesting reaction all night was to a joke by Julia. Keep in mind that, though this was a bipartisan affair, the audience was probably 70 percent liberal, so those on the right had their work cut out for them.

But Julia said, "Hillary Clinton -- I know she has to run for president -- but does it have to be of this country? I mean, couldn't she do like she did for the Senate -- move to another country and run for president there!"

The line got MAJOR applause! And, obviously, it wasn't just conservatives who were applauding!

What does it mean? Who knows? But it is one more data point on the "Hillary Inevitability Chart" (tm).

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