Thursday, August 31, 2006


Intellectually Suspect -- Yet Cool

A really neat timeline of the road to Iraq can be found at Mother Jones

It's called "Lie by Lie", so it doesn't take much effort to figure out where it is coming from (as if the fact that it is on the Mother Jones site didn't tip one off right away).

However, regardless of its ideological leaning, it is technically and aesthetically really, really neat!

You can scroll on the year wheel to the left, click on a month and find out the various events pertaining to Iraq or the broader Middle East -- and various American policy statements or actions (in and out of government) that were happening at the time.

Now, I think it behooves a creative soul on the right to develop a different version that might construct that history in a different manner. Perhaps a neoconservative, for example, might create "Warning by Barning" interpreting various events of the last 15 years or so that should have been considered red flags at the time.

Regardless, the Mother Jones version should at least be checked out, because some folks put a lot of time into what will undoubtedly becom a very handy reference tool for many on the left side of the spectrum.

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