Wednesday, August 02, 2006


A Kinder, Gentler Castro

Tim Padgett and Dolly Mascarenas of Time Magazine go inside the world of Raul Castro, the current defacto ruler of Cuba. They suppose the possibility of Fidel's brother as a reformer:

The Cuban dictator's brother has long been known as Fidel's enforcer. But at 75, he is also less rigid and confrontational, and may have little choice but to open the island's economy...

Imagine the impact of slight changes in relations between the United States and Cuba may for those poor people?

NRO's editorial page touches on what changes could be in store:

President Bush’s Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba has released a lengthy
report detailing the ways in which we could simultaneously undermine the Castro dynasty and empower the democratic elements of Cuban society. The debate over Cuba policy tends to proceed as though we faced a choice between engaging the regime and thereby spreading liberal ideas among the people, on one hand, and isolating the regime at the cost of isolating the people, on the other. In fact, we could clamp down further on the regime’s sources of revenue and diplomatic support even as we redoubled our efforts to spread freedom.

On a personaly note: One change I'd like to see from Cuba is allowing its baseball players to come to the United States and play in the Majors without having to risk their lives to escape the island.

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