Thursday, August 10, 2006


Left? Right? Whatever!

The American Conservative has just published what may be its best edition ever -- an issue-length symposium examining the contemporary meanings of "liberalism" and "conservativism".

In addition to regular paleo-con TAC founders
Pat Buchanan and Scott McConnell, contributors include classic conservatives (Phyllis Schlafly); libertarians (Nick Gillespie and Lew Rockwell); ex-Republicans (Kevin Phillips); ex-neocons (Michael Lind); liberals (Nicholas Von Hoffmann); crunchy cons (Rod Dreher); new-breed (Ross Douthat); truly brilliant academics (Andrew Bacevich and James Kurth, both of whom I had the pleasure of traveling with during my recent venture East) and many more.

While of obvious interest to those who consider themselves of "the right", everyone interested in the future direction of politics and political philosophy should give this issue a read.

The TAC guys were especially wise to make all the contributions available online. This should spark some good political bar-room discussions for quite some time to come. If only the war(s) weren't distracting certain various other magazines from putting together this type of forum.

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