Saturday, August 19, 2006


"Oh Great! Snakes On Crack!"

Yep, it's everything you could have &#$^@*! expected -- and more! Very well done, absolutely absurd escapist fare! The feel-good hit of the summer!

And, amazingly, Samuel L. Jackson doesn't get all the great lines! The co-pilot is hilarious!

UPDATE: Well, the box office was not as kind to "SoaP" as producers might have wished. This is a nice case of being too cute by half. The filmmaers were smart in creating all the Internet buzz about the movie. However, they went too far. They shouldn't have held the movie back from critics as they did. Usually when that happens, it's because the movie is really bad and the makers are afraid that the critics will kill the movie on opening weekend. The reviews actually weren't bad. The Post's critic loved it. As did Slate's and several others. Some favorable reviews could have swayed the casual movie-goer who might have been on the fence about going to see it on Friday night. Reviews still have some power in helping "open" a film, particularly, off-the-beaten-(flight)path that doesn't have a built-in constituency.

"Snakes" could have benefited from the Friday reviews.

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