Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Peachy Keen

Let's hear it for Ragged Thots' contributer Ed McGonigal's fellow Georgians!

They've managed to get it right twice in primaries this year.

Corrupt Republican running for lieutenant governor? A sick-to-its-stomach electorate
ralphed that one up last month. Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Reed's political career will be, uh, "born again" at some point in the future -- though I wouldn't bet on it, given the serious reservations demonstrated by voters.

Heh, heh.

An obnoxious overbearing Democrat with a serious case of arrested development? Bye, bye, Cynthia --
again. This is the second time in four years -- maybe this time she'll get the message? Guess she'll really have a hard time going through the Capitol building after the current session is over. I mean, she won't even have a Member's pin or anything...

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