Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Will Castro Ever Die?

If you believe Cuba's Parliament Speaker Ricardo Alarcon, then you know that Castro is "very far away" from death:

his "final moment is still very far away," the government's Prensa Latina news service reported.

But to be sure no one really knows the status of Cuba's dictator. Monster and Critics reports:

According to the Miami Herald in Florida, which quoted a source with connections in Cuba, no one had been allowed into or out of the CIMED state security hospital in Havana since Sunday. Employees were not allowed to leave at shift change, the paper reported.

Lauran Neergaard speculates over the numerous medical problems Castro is facing. Smoking Gun offers up details on the 16 previous operations Castro has been through.

At least one thing is certain; for the first time since 1959, there is a new boss in Cuba: Raul Castro.

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