Friday, September 01, 2006


Better Ed Than Dead

Since summer is drawing to a close as Labor Day approaches (change is already in the weather here in the East), it also means we only have about a month left in the national pastime (yes, baseball).

So, with the NFL starting up next week, Ragged Thots will be covering it with the Peach State version of Gregg Easterbrook, commenter/guest blogger extraordinaire Ed McGonigal! He'll be crossposting from his fine site, Politics & Pigskins -- and occasionally giving a unique post for RT (such as the "New York GiJeBills" entry below -- though his premise is wrong in that the Giants will do quite well this year).

Welcome aboard, Ed!

(Ed, please hold off from "launching" any commentary on the ongoing Hezbollah-Israel scrimmage. I have a feeling there will be an inevitable moving of the goalposts before the second-half kickoff!)

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