Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Election Day

These are my personal observations and choices -- not connected with my position at the New York Post. The Post's official endorsements can be found here.

Here in New York, there's not a lot of competitive primary contests.

I'm a registered Republican, so the only opportunity for me to vote is in the U.S. Senate primary. I'm thrilled by neither candidate but I will be voting for former Yonkers Mayor
John Spencer over ex-DOD aide Kathleen "KT" McFarland to be the GOP's sacrificial lamb against Hillary Rodham Clinton in November.

Were I a Democrat, I would vote for
Tom Suozzi in the Democratic primary for governor -- though he is going to be completely swamped by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (who is likely to do the same in November to GOP official candidate John Faso).

In the attorney general race, being totally tired of having to deal with
Cuomos (Andrew, this time) and Mark Green (perpetually), I'd vote for new kid on the block, Sean Patrick Maloney. Andrew Cuomo is going to win handily, but Maloney is a good, smart guy who one hopes will be around for a while. If he'd been able to raise more money, he might have been able to make more of a race of this.

In Congressional District 11 (where I live), one of the ugliest primaries in recent memory is coming to an end, in the contest to replace Rep. Major Owens. I refuse to endorse either the
inherent nepotism of Chris Owens (Major's son) or the corrupt Brooklyn-machine created and supported state Sen. Carl Andrews. So, it becomes a coin flip between two council members -- Yvette Clarke (the forgetful black woman) and David Yassky (the opportunistic white guy).

The choice is yours, fellow Brooklynites!

Go to it -- you have my sympathy.

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