Friday, September 01, 2006


We Ain't The World

With the news earlier this morning that the U.S. got waxed by Greece in the world basketball championships, one must ask: Has the USA become incapable of playing team sports on a world level?

This result concludes a year when Americans got embarassed in:

Olympic Hockey
World Baseball Classic
World Cup Soccer

One more thing to blame on George W. Bush, I suppose.

(And still to come...the Ryder Cup)!

But, seriously, at one time, America could boast it's overwhelming superiority in just about any (warm weather) athletic endeavor where it wasn't likely that the the opposing athlete(s) weren't being doped up by their countries (or the ref wasn't trying to throw the game in order to give Russians extra time to make a basket).

Now, today, Americans in a
variety of sports are being seen as the dopers -- and losers too -- in an increasingly competitive world.

On the court, field and ice, we sure ain't the "only remaining superpower" anymore.

(Thanks to reader ERA for the idea.)

UPDATE: I remembered only after I hit the "publish" button that ONE American team did pretty well in international competition -- just this past weekend, in fact. "Columbus Northern Little League defeated Kawaguchi Little League of Japan, 2-1, for the 60th Little League Baseball World Series championship at Howard J. Lamade Stadium."

Of course, they're from, ahem, Georgia -- Ed McGon gets to crow again!

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