Wednesday, October 04, 2006


And The Cradle Will Rock

So, now we have the "bottle made me do it" AND the "Catholic priest made me do it" excuse/explanation from Foley.

This, of course, only compounds things for Republicans. It's bad enough that Foley's transgressions put the party at variance with its
critical social conservative base.

But now, out comes the molesting card. Can GOP-leaning Catholic really be thrilled with the idea that they may have to relive the entire "pervy priest" headlines of the early '00s? How motivated to go to the polls in a few weeks and vote for members of the party that have helped remind the public about the most embarassing period in the history of the Church?

Not much, I'd imagine. (Denny Hastert's eerie physical resemblance to Bishop Bernard Law doesn't exactly help things either.)

And, going from the sublime to the ridiculous, can there be anything better than having a lawyer named "David Roth" explaining that Foley is an, ahem, "closet drinker"?

God help us, we can't make this stuff up.

UPDATE: And, one has to love the, "We can't control ourselves -- so let's get rid of the page program!" idea put forward by Rep. Ray LaHood (and Hastert is indispensable because, "He brought us through 9/11." Sorry that I missed Hastert manning the anti-aircraft missiles that defended the Capitol). Given the above, we should also just, you know, get rid of Catholic schools, altar boys and anything else out there that might tempt a priest. Let's close down parks because pedophiles stalk young kids there. Let's shut down airline travel because planes might get hijacked (oh well, we're almost halfway there to doing that anyway)!.

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