Sunday, October 08, 2006


End of An Era

After the New York Yankees collapse in Motown, it looks like the decade-long ride for Joe Torre is done.

Eleven playoff appearances, ten AL East Division championships, four World Series wins, losses in two others (including the epochal 2001 seven-game Series against the Diamondbacks). Not a bad ride, Joe, and nothing for which you should be ashamed. Hey, when you go to work for Steinbrenner, you know how these things work out -- and end.

Besides, it's not like you begged the Yankee front office to get Alex Rodriguez. Funny how Alfonso Soriano -- whom the Yankees traded to Texas for Rodriguez -- was a more clutch, big-game, player in his 2001 rookie year than A-Rod will ever be. Recall that Soriano hit the home run off Curt Schilling that put the Yankees ahead in Game 7 agains the Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, Mariano Rivera happened to turn up human that year and blew the save and the Series. Buster Olney called that the "
Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty."

Even with the emergence of Robinson Cano at second base (the same position Soriano played for the Yankees), the Soriano-Rodriguez trade may turn out to be the one that triggered the full collapse of the current Yankee "dynasty" period. Yes, Soriano had a bad 2003 World Series, but nowhere near the consistently collapsing-under-pressure that A-Rod has demonstrated over his career.

And now Pinella is supposedly on deck -- the most successful Yankee manager to never get the team to the playoffs. With A-Rod, he managed to get the Mariners to the playoffs multiple times -- only to lose to Torre's Yankees. Let's see if he can manage to get clutch performers over the supposedly best player in the game.

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