Monday, October 16, 2006


My New "Favorite" Democrat

Well, it seems that the guy running against Mark Foley-impaired NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds is something of a character:

Mr. Davis is prone to overstatement. He has warned about “Red China,” for example, and suggested he would take a bat to anyone who sent his sons sexually explicit e-mail messages like those a congressman sent to young male pages.

He defies liberal orthodoxies. He has said he wants to “seal” the nation’s borders and has held memberships in conservative groups like the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation.
And here is the kicker:
And he is a bit of a maverick. He has banished his handlers from the room when a reporter interviews him, and he has yet to invite any national party luminary to campaign with him in the district.
As is known, I have a favorable disposition, in general to the Chinese government. However, having a liberal throwback in the House who calls out the fact that it is still, technically a communist superpower, must be recognized.

Wow, NO "handlers" when sitting down with a reporter? Gee, that suggests the man can actually think on his feet -- and hisn't deathly afraid of what might come out of his mouth! This might be just another New York Times cheesy overwrought article.

But, Davis -- for all of his faults (and blatant liberalism in many areas) -- looks like the real thing.

Anyway, anyone who looks like they could give Democratic leadership headaches in the next Congress (regardless of who is in the majority) is OK with me.

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