Friday, October 13, 2006


Pick the NFL winners!

Let's see who can pick the winners in this weeks NFL games. Just for fun. No money. Plenty of bragging rights.

This will be cross-posted on three blogs (Politics and Pigskins, Ragged Thots, and American Legends), so I will report the results from all three.

The only requirement is your post must be time-stamped before 1 pm EST on Sunday.

Here are my picks (in red):

Buffalo at Detroit: Buffalo is bad, but Detroit is worse. I'll take Buffalo to squeak by in this one.

Carolina at Baltimore: Pity the Panthers. Having to face the Baltimore defense coming off their Monday night loss to Denver.

Cincinnati at Tampa Bay: Cincy has had two weeks to prepare. This could be ugly too.

Houston at Dallas: Dallas should be sufficiently "T.O.'d" after their loss to the Eagles.

N.Y. Giants at Atlanta: This is the game of the week. Can the Giants run defense stop Atlanta's league best running game? Hard to say, but I'm taking the Falcons.

Philadelphia at New Orleans: Are the Saints for real? If they pull off this win, then I'm a believer. Until then, take the Eagles.

Seattle at St. Louis: I'm leaning towards St. Louis in a game which will go a long way towards determining the NFC West champ.

Tennessee at Washington: Skins. If you have to ask why, you haven't seen the Titans this year.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh: Until Pittsburgh gets on the right track, they are going to have a hard time with even mediocre competition like K.C.

Miami at N.Y. Jets: J-E-T-S! Jets Jets Jets!

San Diego at San Francisco: Do you even have to ask?

Oakland at Denver: Allow me to repeat: Do you even have to ask?

Chicago at Arizona: Da Bears in Da Desert. Ob la Da...

UPDATE: Sorry, Ed, but I'm using my host privileges to put my picks in the body of your post! So, herewith are RAG's picks:

This may be Detroit's only chance of winning all year, so I'm going with the Lion's at home (Question: Why does Matt Millen still have a job?).

Baltimore over Carolina.

Tampa Bay in the upset over Cincinnati.

Dallas over Hapless Houston (How's that Reggie Bush non-pick working out?)

Last year, the G-men used their win over the Redskins to launch them on their run to the NFC East championship. That will happen again this year. Giants over Atlanta in a tough, rough, squeaker.

Heart says New Orleans; head says Philadelphia. As much as I hate the the team, I have to go with the E-A-G-L-E-S.

St. Louis over a Shaun-less Seattle.

Tennessee at Washington. What Ed said.

Pittsburgh finally comes out of its rut against Kansas City. Expect Herman Edwards to come up short in a big game.

Miami at Da Jets. What Ed said. Also, Joey Harrington. Also, Nick Saban may already be losing the team.

San Diego at San Francisco. Ed, how can YOU ask that? SF is much improved while the Chargers (or Philip Rivers) have forgotten that they have a Pro-Bowl tight end. Marty Schottenheimer is bringing his bad mojo to yet another team. And LT ain't LT no more.

Oakland at Denver. Now, here's where the "Do you have to ask?" is appropriate. I thought the worst thing that was ever done to Art Shell was the NFL ignoring him after his pretty good run coaching the raiders in the '90s. Now, I can confidently say that the worst thing was the Raiders hiring him back this year. Art, the fact that all those folks turned the job down before you took it should have been a major warning sign!

Chicago at Arizona. I shouldn't do this, but something tells me that this is Chicago's "trap" game. Consider this Matt Leinart's coming out party.

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