Thursday, October 26, 2006


RNC: Please Leave Me Alone [J. Mark English]

Everyday I dread looking down at my cell phone when it vibrates and seeing the words "unknown caller". Who ever could it be? Could it be a sales rep? A Verizon bill collector? My boss blocking their number?
No. Its the Republican National Committee. Do they call during normal business hours? Nope! They call at night, during the weekends, early in the morning. I'll be in a movie, at a party, in the middle of dinner...and the vibration begins.
I pick up the phone, and there is some young college age GOP do-gooder on the other end saying "hi I work with the RNC and we're looking for your support, can we put you down for a pledge."
I realize that he is just doing this as a volunteer, but of course I'm in the middle of something and I do not have time to talk or committ to anything over the phone. I tell the lad that I would rather recieve something in the mail.
"Okay, great, but first lets get you down for a pledge. $25, $50, $75...what will your support be? We can handle this over the phone right now."
I remind this GOPer that I do not have time for this and would you please just let me go and send something in
the mail.
"Yes of course, but first lets get you down for a pledge, we can do this right now for any amount. What can you pledge?"
Whats wrong with this person? Do they not understand that I have to get off the phone?
This happens every time I get a call from one of these money suckers.
The most recent time I decided to flat out lie as to what was the reason I could not speak.

"Hello, this is the RNC, can we get your support?"
My response was that I was at my Dad's funeral, and I cannot do this at this time.
"I understand, what pledge will be able to get from you?"
I almost lost it...I'm telling him I'm at a funeral (okay I'm lying, but still)...and he keeps pushing!
I'm now thinking about never giving to the RNC again. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!
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