Thursday, October 26, 2006


A Rush 'n' Fox

Keith Olbermann plays Rush Limbaugh's jabs against Michael J. Fox's stem-cell research ad.

Limbaugh, as you may have heard, dismisses Fox's Parkinson-derived herky-jerky movements as "acting" or intentionally "not taking his meds". The Olbermann show has videotape of Limbaugh mocking Fox's movements.

There are two truths here:

1) Once someone jumps into the political arena, they should expect to get some criticism for their stand from the other side. That's the way the game is played. Whether someone is a "victim" or a member of a certain "class", does not make them immune to criticism.

2) If Rush Limbaugh doesn't know exactly how a given disease works its way through someone's body, he should shut up. This is the second-most embarassing long-distance medical "diagnosis" from a Republican/conservative leading light (the most-embarassing would be Bill Frist's eagle-eyed observation of Terri Schiavo's cognitive abilities last year).

It would have been perfectly all right for Limbaugh to say that Fox is wrong on the facts of the stem-cell research issue (arguing the merits of embryonic vs. adult stem-cells) or that the federal limits don't prevent research funding at the state level (as has occurred in California). Limbaugh could have done that. Instead, he has to attack Fox's physical ailment and demonstrate his ignorance of how Parkinson's actually affects those stricken.

Limbaugh has made conservatives and Republicans look not merely heartless, but clueless, as well.

Just what the GOP needs during this season.

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