Monday, November 06, 2006



Okay, here are the RAGGED THOTS Final predictions for Campaign '06:


Maryland: Steele beats Cardin (the race which will cause Chuck Schumer's head to explode; great candidate running great campaign overcomes blue national tidal wave).
Missouri: McCaskill beats Talent.
Montana: Tester beats Burns (Ryan Sager's theme of Democratic mountain-state resurgence gets a
Ohio: Brown beats DeWine (DeWine is just one of many unfortunate victims of an Ohio anti-GOP perfect storm -- Iraq+state corruption+Abramoff federal corruption; Ken Blackwell is another).
Rhode Island: Whitehouse beats Chafee (a headline we've been wanting to see for sometime, but
under different circumstances).
New Jersey: Menendez beats Kean (The Soprano state maintains its track record of electing corrupt politicians).
Pennsylvania: Casey beats Santorum (Alas, poor (yo)Rick, I knew him well).
Tennessee: Corker beats Ford (a great camdidate and a great campaign can't overcome a political
family rife with corruption in a core red state -- if only Harold was running in New Jersey!).
Virginia: Webb beats Allen (the worst Senate campaign in history reaches its inevitable and well-deserved end).

Dems net +5, but loss of the Maryland seat forces Senate tie; 50-50, GOP retains control via Cheney tie-breaker.

HOUSE: Dem +31: GOP slaughter in Midwest and Northeast; Dems make gains in interior West (Arizona, Colorado), GOP fails to pick up one Democrat-held House seat. Hugh Laurie becomes Speaker (think about it.) .

UPDATE: Ryan Sager offers even, uh, sage-r insights.

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