Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The GOP Casts Its Lott

A bit under the weather today, but I had to take note of this return to Senate leadership of an "old friend."

I'll discuss this more later, but I'll just repeat something I said in the Comments yesterday. There's something painfully ironic about Trent Lott being named
"minority whip."

UPDATE: John Cole explains why Lott's return means more headaches for the White House.
Prior to the Senate election, Captains Quarters explained why Lott's comeback would be bad from a spending/corruption perspective. Of course, given the option of taking the smart option and the alternative, Senate Republicans again proved, why the GOP is, as John Cole notes, "the Stupid Party." Oh well, at least those Republicans have managed to "unite" the base (in the sense that Cole, the Captain, Red State, Andrew Sullivan and I are all in agreement tht the return of Trent Lott leaves us as white as, uh, a sheet)!

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