Monday, November 20, 2006


Has Everyone Gone Bat-Sh*t Insane?

Mel Gibson. Michael Richards. Now Donald Trump decides to get blatantly offensive on Condoleezza Rice: She's "a lovely woman, but I think she's a b----." Gibson can at least claim he was drunk. Maybe Richards was either under the influence -- or caught up in the moment.

What's Trump's excuse?

And Spike Lee throws in his two cents as well.

Whether one agrees with the Bush administration or not (and anyone who has spent any time here knows that I'm no apologisgt), whether one agrees with the either the work or the views Rice has expressed, a certain basic respect for the office of Secretary of State should be maintained.

Even if Trump finds Rice incompetent -- which he essentially does -- what has she ever said or done to warrant this sort of abusive language?

Surely, there's not even a trace of sexism or racism in these comments, right?

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