Thursday, November 09, 2006


"I-Man", Therefore I Lose

Harold Ford.

J.D. Hayworth.

Rick Santorum.

Three very different candidates. Two Republicans, one Democrat. One from the South. One from the Southwest. One from the East. Two are white, one is black.

Yet, all these losing candidates had one thing in common: "Imus In the Morning." Yep, all three are (were?) regulars of the original shock-jock Don Imus.

Ford was most recently on ten days before the election.

Hayworth even boasted of Imus' endorsement
on his website.

As did

Indeed, the only Imus regular on the ballot who won on Tuesday was
Joe Lieberman -- and he lost his party's primary in August (click on August 23rd link)!

Let this be a cautionary tale for John McCain, another buddy of the I-man, who some people believe might seek higher office at some point in the future.

UPDATE: Shoshanna in the Comments also adds Imus perennial Kinky Friedman -- fourth place finisher in the Texas governor's race -- to the death toll.

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