Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Mel, Kiss Mah Grits

Not the warmest of greetings for the new RNC chair: "lobotomized sea lion" and "Harriet Miers of RNC Chairs" are some of the nicer things Red State is saying about the former Cabinet Secretary.

I thought
Michael Steele would have been a good pick (for one thing, he won't also already have a full-time job -- as is the case with MM). Apparently, Karl Rove has other ideas:
....President Bush's political adviser Karl Rove, who is Mr. Mehlman's mentor, would rather see Mr. Steele serve in the president's Cabinet, perhaps as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. These officials said no one has actually offered Mr. Steele either the RNC post or a Cabinet post.

Steele as head of H.U.D.? Isn't that, like just bit too obvious? Black guy? Housing, yeah, I get it!

Bush and Rove want Martinez to be the point man on a comprehensive immigration bill (because, of course, all Latinos look alike and it doesn't matter that Puerto Ricans and Mexicans don't necessarily automatically get along with Cubans (which Martinez happens to be).

This line is rather amusing:
By tapping Martinez to be the party's public persona, the White House turned to a lawmaker who has been a staunch supporter of the president — including on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform that includes a guest-worker program — and one of the more politically savvy Republican senators.
"Savvy?" Oh, you mean like during the Terri Schiavo story? A Republican memo (initially denounced by many bloggers on the right as a likely forgery) surfaced calling the controversy "a great political issue" turned out to be written by a Martinez staffer. The senator was shocked that this sort of behavior was going on in his own office. He dismissed the staffer.

"Savvy"? Compared to whom -- Elizabeth Dole?

Ah, more reasons for congressional Republican to hate the White House.

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