Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hanged, Nailed.

I really didn't want to deal with politics too much this week while playing Joe Garagiola on Johnny Carson's set, but I think regular Ragged Thots commenters enjoy their daily partisan bickering to Ed's NFL highlights, or my recollection of obscure pop songs. Therefore, welcome to tonight's O.P.P. --- Obligatory Political Post!

As I’m sure everyone knows, a certain Mr. Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti is on the fast track to the gallows. I'm not sure why the "need for speed" on the part of the Iraqi court. Perhaps the cries that "We were better off under Saddam" will die down once he is physically removed, and help any future Iraqi leadership to deal more effectively with the country's problems.

Saddam has been out of power for almost four years. Iraq will be no better or no worse off after his death. The magnitude of any successes or failures of Operation Iraqi Freedom have overshadowed Saddam and his dark legacy, which is why his execution will ultimately be a historical, political and cultural anti-climax. It will be nothing more than a "media moment," with many TV talking heads and newspaper columnists waxing poetic (while fetching for a Pulitzer nomination) over the "meaning" of Saddam's execution. Of course, the fringe elements of the anti-war movement will have to find some other cause célèbre, and Lord only knows where Ramsey Clark will find his next retainer.

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