Sunday, December 31, 2006


Old Lame Song

Madscribe reporting:
As is usual for this time of year, the psychics, tabloids, and polling prognosticators will come out of the woodwork to give us their clairvoyant insight into the depths of the human condition. I haven't been able to locate a decent web site that keeps track of such predictions and their rate of failure. I'm sure that in the Internet age, one of the first IT skills that many psychics have learned is how to erase a hard drive, or create DDoS attacks to Google search servers. Not to be left out, I offer my own predictions for 2007:

1. A politician in D.C. will, amazingly, be caught up in a scandal.
2. Gas prices will mysteriously rise during the summer and before holidays, without explanation.
3. A high school senior, somewhere, will lose his virginity on Prom Night.

If my predictions bode true, then I will demand that the Amazing Randi and his debunking foundation cough up the bucks, as I plan to go law school in the future and predict it will be rather expensive.

While we await RAG's return ("ET, phone home!") and the unveiling of his magnum opus, I'll to continue to play lost child with pocket money at the Mall of America. Later on, another retro record and a Happy? review here.

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