Friday, December 29, 2006


So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good night....

Madscribe Reporting:
How I'm sure
Saddam would want to be remembered ...

UPDATE: Morose snark aside, the Foreign Minister of Malaysia almost got it right. I have no problem with the death penalty, especially for Saddam. However, I believe the haste that the Shiite-led government pursued in snuffing out Hussein sends the message to the Kurdish people, "Screw you, the crimes against your people don't matter as much as crimes against Shiites." I'm not playing a "numbers game" with victimized groups, but will the al-Maliki government pursue due process for the families of Kurdish victims, or is that just so much historical Iraqi dust swept under the tent floor? Using Iraqi government logic, the Nuremberg Trials were a meaningless exercise in juris prudence, just because the six million (or more) victims of the Holocaust couldn't take the witness stand against the Nazis from beyond the grave.

Iran's proxy government in Iraq has made its first major state-sanctioned kill. It's new unofficial theme song here.

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