Friday, January 26, 2007


1984 (Give or take a couple of decades ...)

Rock's most feisty band of internecine squabbling---outside of late-era Beatles, mid-80s Rolling Stones, or the Davies Brothers---have decided to give the Reunion Thang another go-round. Considering the duration of the last so-called reunion, I'd say buy your tickets FAST as this thing may only last four or five gigs. Apparently, Michael Anthony is on the outs this time, so be prepared for a Junior Van Halen practicing the four-string.

Anyway, below is the video that turned me into a Van Halen fan back in high school. The onset of senility being what it is, I didn't remember the midgets, or even the rest of Van Halen from this video when looking up the YouTube link. And I darn sure don't remember the surprise ending!!

I do remember David Lee Roth dressed as Napoleon arriving at the penultimate moment in a limo. Just shows I was never a fan of Van Hagar.


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