Tuesday, January 23, 2007


And Iran, Iran So Far Away ...

Madscribe Reporting:

"Overture, Curtain, Lights! This is it, Tonight's the Night ... "

The State of the Union, that is. That constitutionally required bit of Presidential summation which gives the nation's Chief Executive Officer a bully pulpit for roughly an hour. Then, thanks to "Equal Time," we are treated to a trailer of coming distractions from the opposing party. The subtopic to watch out for is whether or not the President will show any signs of contrition in the wake of the Election "thumping"; Or, will this be the launching pad for yet another expansion of the Global War on Terror? ("G.W.O.T." is not exactly the most awe-inspiring acronym that the Federal Bureau of Cool Operation Names has ever thunk up)

As an aside, are any of the current glue factory rejects in the Presidential Horse Race able to look past their massive egos and remember what started all this in the first place? Or, have we become so forgetful as a nation that crafting useful national security policies takes a backseat to what is still, regardless of how one feels about the Son of a Bush at Pennsylvania Avenue, a real threat?

Bonus points if, upon reading the headline pun, you immediately conjured up Retro Record Thots.

UPDATE: Kudos to EdMcGon for the BB Theme correction. I never could get that thing right. I thought the first words were "Oh, Monsieur ... " until I was 10-years-old. Guess I had Bugs and Daffy confused with Maurice Chevalier ...

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