Friday, January 26, 2007


Any Sense, Abroad?

Yes, friends, our intrepid Speaker-of-the-House and the Man Who Wouldn't be King are braving afternoon teas and socials in the Southwest Asian desert so that they can "convey to our troops the appreciation of the American people for what they're doing ..."

Howzabout just sending a telegram?

I personally get sick of all these stupid politicos that put unnecessary strain on the security operations of our troops so that they can get their "Adventure Vacation" jollies on. There are MORE than enough military Public Affairs and Intelligence personnel to inform our Congressmen of anything they need to know. After all, what the heck will Pelosi and Murtha learn in pre-planned meetings with impotent Iraqi "leaders"? This Sunday on Meet The Press, we'll be treated to another dog-and-pony show on how the Democrats "feel the pain" of our troops (but not enough to bring them home). Murtha, at least, has some prior experience with Arabs ... well, faux Arabs.

Hey, Madame Speaker, if you really want to do a "Jane Byrne," why not stick around for a tour (seven months) and join our brave young Recon Marines on some daily convoys to Ramadi? THEN, I'll be impressed. Until then, stop wasting our tax money and go eat some bon-bons with Rosie and Babs on The View.

Which brings us to this week's other Retro Record Moment. A fitting song for what's really going on in Pelosi's head:

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