Sunday, January 21, 2007


Bears vs. Colts

Chicago wins in a blowout, Indy in a nail-biter!

Rex Grossman is vindicated.

Peyton Manning finally has managed to win a "big one" -- and in the final minute, no less.

And, yeah, it's kinda cool that not one, but two black head coaches have led their football teams to the Super Bowl. (Downside of this is that it means black coaches will only have a 1-1 record after the game is over!) Nothing against Lovie Smith, but I'm rooting for Tony Dungy: He's been doing it longer (Jon Gruden won the 2002 Super Bowl for Tampa Bay that should have been Dungy's); he's been a true mentor to other African-American coaches in the league -- notably Smith -- and he's just a real classy gentleman.

Of course, a la Doug Williams 18 years ago, I'm waiting for the first reporter to ask either Dungy or Smith, "How long have you been a black head coach?" or some variation thereof. It will be irresistible -- the fact that the game will be played on the first Sunday of Black History Month will only make it even more of a circus!

So, what? There are two good teams in the game, led by two good men. Let's hope for a good game!

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