Sunday, January 21, 2007


Bill Come Due

It's official. Bill Richardson announces his exploratory committee.

Check out that video of his.

Richardson makes two important points: 1) He has a broad-based resume as "a Congressman, ambassador to the United Nations and secretary of energy" that shows him with a wealth of EXPERIENCE (attention, Mr. Obama) and 2) His listing of accomplishments as governor demonstrates a executive-level ACCOMPLISHMENT of solving specific problems (attention, SENATOR Clinton). And as a Latino, he can toss in the "first of his type" with both front-runners -- and more foreign policy experience than the two of them combined.

Ragged Thots contributor Madscribe said it best in a Comment yesterday:
The DNC being what it is, the ethnic identity politics of Richardson's presence will be fun to watch (I'm running for the Jiffy Pop as we speak!). He also, being a Clinton Royalist, comes to the table with relatively less baggage than Hillary (except for that little drama at the Energy Department in the late 90s). Plus, being closer to the quasi-free market mentality of the DLC than Obama and being a governor and former Executive Cabinet member, Richardson can claim more gravitas than someone just out of a state legislature with no real record (but a ton of book sales and magazine covers).

Richardson's presence will also help to show the divisions among the various racial subsets of the DNC, all of which have their own interests which may or may not align with each other, or the party's greater interests. Asians, Latinos, and Jews do NOT have the same stake in Affirmative Action as Blacks, and Latinos do not see themselves as "Black Democrats with Tan Skin." Obama and all his left-wing black cohorts are going to find out the Latino-vote-for- the-black-guy is not an automatic bet. When Latinos have candidates out of their own community to choose from and support, why should they settle for racial sloppy seconds?

This should actually be an interesting race (of which we shall all be sick of by mid-summer -- of THIS year!

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