Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hey, Hey, We're The Blonkies!

Madscribe: Retro Record Moment
I am now indebted to RAG for coming up with the name of the Ska-Punk band I was thinking of forming later this year (ha!).
Yes, some of use were skinheads even before Mother Nature, the Aryan Nation, or New York Times ruined it for all us alternative-music-minded "crazy baldheads."

And surprise, surprise surprise. You'll never guess who was once recruited to do a "Blonkie Video." The un-Blonkiest filmmaker of them all, Spike Lee, once directed a very blonkie short subject for my all-time favorite blonkie group, Fishbone.

So, sit back and enjoy the ONLY heavy metal video directed by Mr. 40-Acres himself, "Sunless Saturday" ...

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