Tuesday, January 02, 2007


If You Didn't See...

...the Fiesta Bowl game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Boise State (Idaho) Broncos, you missed one of the greatest college football games of all time. BSU beat OU 43-42. The last hour featured:
Absolutely amazing game.

But, it didn't end with the game. During the after-game media Q&A, with the whole world watching him, Boise State running back Ian Johnson (who scored the winning two points in overtime) dropped to his knee and asked his cheerleader girlfriend (standing next to him on his arm) to marry him (thereby earning the enmity of every guy trying to figure out the ideal way to propose to his girlfriend).

She said "Yes."

In and of itself, as amazing a play as any that Chris Peterson, Johnson's coach, had called all night.

Also, kudos to last year's Final Four Cinderalla team, George Mason University athletic department for the truly classy move of taking out a full-page ad in the Idaho Statesman newspaper wishing BSU luck in taking on the Goliath football program of Oklahoma Sooners.

By the way, if the Green Bay Packers don't figure out a way to draft BSU QB Jared Zabransky
to learn in wait behind Brett Favre (who will come back for the '97 NFL season), they're out of their collective minds.

And a Happy New Year to all!

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