Wednesday, January 10, 2007


iSee, iPhone, iSue!

My eventual goal when I grow up (for the second time) is to become an intellectual property attorney, just like the father of a famous cartoonist. That's why I was rather amused to see that Apple is being sued by Internet infrastructure giant, Cisco for the use of the trademark name iPhone.

Being a curious pre-law student, I went to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's website to search the trademark name. Just as Cisco claims, the trademark is registered to the company they acquired (

Can't wait to see how this one plays out. Will Apple settle out-of-court by cutting Cisco a deal involving sales percentages? Or will they duke it out in the federal courts?

Aspiring fines want to know ...

Stayed tuned. A good IP blog site covering such lawsuits here. Personally, I think the idea of paying $500 for a over-hyped phone is ridiculous, but then again I'm a budget conscious shopper. There are already phones that play MP3s, and it's not as if I-Tunes is so unique in its music selection offerings that Microsoft, Napster, or other services couldn't manufacture the same type of stylish device at a much more affordable price.

Until the Apple/Cisco lawsuit is resolved, click on the link to enjoy a wonderful song about a more famous intellectual property lawsuit.

Sorry, couldn't resist the lousy latin pun. It was either that, or "Cisco, Kid, Ain't No Friend of Mine." America's Greatest Newspaper---
oops, sorry RAG---America's SECOND Greatest Newspaper, the Wall Street Journal had a good summation of the Apple/Cisco/iPhone tussle in its legal section. According to the WSJ story, it's not the infringement that bothers Cisco so much, as Apple's unwillingness to let others get a piece of the telecom action.

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