Friday, January 19, 2007


A Jew, an Arab and A Black Guy walk into a blog...

It's rare that I get to do a two-fer shout-out, but here's one.

My New York Post colleague Max Gross also freelances for the Forward, one of the oldest publications focusing on the Jewish community. In the latest issue, he has an article on Dean Obeidallah, the Palestinian-Italian comic I've gotten to know over the last year. (Dean and I "closed" the Laughing Liberall/Laughing With The Enemy show in August. Though I don't usually hawk liberal enterprises, the LL guys and gals were nice enough to include some of my act in Laughing Liberally DVD, so if you're interested, you can purchase it here.

Max writes about Dean's new project: He's the creator and producer of "The Watch List" which highlights Arab- and Muslim American comics. It's accessible on Comedy Central's "Motherload" broadband site.

Max and I attended the launch party for the "Watch List" a couple weeks back. Anyway, good article by Max -- and go check out the "Watch List" videos, when you get a chance. Oh, and yeah, buy the DVD too. I might even get a few shekels out of it, if enough are sold!

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