Friday, January 19, 2007


Pick the NFL Playoff Winners - Final Results

In our first annual "Pick the NFL Playoff Winners" contest, with two points for each correct pick in the Divisional Playoffs, the results are shown below (Wild Card results + Divisional Playoff results = Total):

Bugg: 3 points + 6 points = 9 points
Robert A. George: 3 pts. + 2 pts. = 5 points
EdMcGon: 2 pts. + 2 points = 4 points
David Stefanini: 1 pt. + 2 pts. = 3 points

None of us will get the points for the AFC Champion this week, since none of us had Indy or New England. I can also safely say none of us will get the Super Bowl champion either, since we all had AFC teams winning it all.

Since I am dead in the water, and Robert and David cannot get enough points with their remaining picks, BUGG IS THE WINNER!

Congratulations Bugg!


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