Friday, January 19, 2007


Razing the Barclays

I have serious concerns about constructing a huge sports and residential complex in downtown Brooklyn. However, I don't want to address the merits of the project right here. Instead, I want to point to one of the most devastating ledes I've ever read in a newspaper. Courtesy of the local Brooklyn Papers:
The future home for the Brooklyn Nets will be emblazoned with the corporate logo of a British bank that was founded on the slave trade, collaborated with the Nazis and did business with South Africa’s apartheid government.
Unfair? Biased? Inaccurate? Inflammatory?

One of, if not all, of those adjectives may apply to the piece. However, on a pure rhetorical level, that lede is one of the finest bits of propagandistic journalism to come along in some time!

Slavery, the Holocaust AND apartheid! Can't get a better troika than that (oh, and the paper's editorial section chimes in too)!

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