Saturday, January 20, 2007


Retro Record Moment

Papa Do Preach
As RAG once said, I don't let politics get in the way of enjoying music. Being just old enough to remember seeing the Mamas and Papas on the Ed Sullivan show as a pre-schooler, I was sad to see one of the last remaining member of the Folk-rock quartet, Denny Doherty, has just passed. When I was 14, I asked my parents for a drum set to further my ambitions to become the next Neil Peart or Elvin Jones. Instead, they presented to me on that gift-grubbing morning an acoustic guitar. Luckily, I had my memories of the Mamas and Papas to remember that you could have fun and great music without a snare drum ... or a wah-wah pedal.

Speaking of Neil Peart, I'm going to have to eventually do a thread on great Libertarian Rock songs. Anyway, below, my favorite M&P song. Enjoy!

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